40 Little Acts of Lenten Love

Join us this Lent as we celebrate the "little acts of love" that make the work of Mary's Meals possible.

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We invite you to read through our 40 Little Acts of Lenten Love, and consider how you might contribute any "little acts of love" to our work. 

1. Fundraise for Mary’s Meals.

2. Donate to Mary’s Meals.

3. Set up a monthly donation, allowing us to make plans for the future, so we can reach more children with a life-changing daily meal.

4. Sponsor a whole school to receive Mary’s Meals for a full school year!

5. By providing a daily meal in a place of learning, we meet the immediate needs of hungry children and encourage them to go to school to gain an education that can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty. Read more about the impact of our work.

6. Say a prayer for the work of Mary’s Meals throughout the world’s poorest communities. 

7. Read best-selling book The Shed That Fed A Million Children.

8. Like, comment or share on our social media channels.

9. Watch our award-winning film Generation Hope.

10. Hold a bake sale for Mary’s Meals.

11. Host a porridge party!

12. Use one of our frames on your Facebook profile.

13. Give something up e.g. your daily cup of coffee or a trip to the cinema and donate the money to Mary’s Meals (then share on social media).

14. Share a photo of you reading The Shed That Fed A Million Children on social media.

15. Use some quiet time during Lent to reflect about the children you’re helping us reach with nutritious Mary’s Meals.

16. Subscribe to our mailing list for all of our latest news and announcements!

17. From singing to sewing, you can use your talents to help Mary’s Meals!

18. Enjoy a good concert? Why not attend an event that is supporting Mary’s Meals? Or host your own virtual event, such as a screening of one of our films with family and friends.

19. Learn more about some of the children who receive Mary’s Meals.

20. Follow Mary's Meals Canada on Facebook.

21. Follow Mary's Meals Canada on Twitter.

22. Follow Mary's Meals Canada on Instagram.

23. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

24. Do a sponsored walk or run for Mary’s Meals and help more children take steps to a brighter future.

25. Volunteer for Mary’s Meals.

26. Celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other special occasion, by asking your friends to give a gift to Mary's Meals. 

27. Giving hope to some of the world’s poorest children is a fitting memorial to any loved one.

28. Ask a friend to sign up to our mailing list so they don’t miss out on the latest news from Mary’s Meals.

29. Watch an inspirational short film about the work of Mary’s Meals.

30. Buy a Mary’s Meals gift card for someone.

31. Fill a mug (with your spare change) and donate the money to fight hunger!

32. Host a fundraising event.

33. For every dollar you give to us, we spend a minimum of 93 cents on our charitable activities. Learn more about how we spend donations.

34. Share one of our social media profile pages and help raise awareness.

35. See what meals we serve around the world.

36. Wear a Mary’s Meals t-shirt (and share a photo on social media).

37. Watch From Hunger to Hope.

38. Know of a small business who would also love to partner with us? Share our work with them. Contact us if you need support.

39. Read more about our work in India – the latest country of support for Mary’s Meals Canada.

40. Learn more about the history of Mary's Meals.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 40 Little Acts of Lenten Love. We invite you to also join us for our weekly Lenten Reflections, as we pray for the children served by Mary’s Meals.