Canadian students craft their own porridge smiles to bring "porridge smiles" to children in Malawi.

Back to all stories | Posted on 20 March 18 in Fundraising

Students at Provencher School in Winnipeg held a pyjama day for Mary's Meals, which included a porridge smiles competition. Students ate porridge for breakfast at home prior to the pyjama day. The porridge they ate is similar to the likuni phala served by Mary's Meals every day in Malawi. After creating beautiful happy faces in their bowls of porridge, students then brought photos of their "porridge smiles" to school for a contest. The pyjama day was organized by teachers along with Madame Louisa, who has been busy for the past year, fundraising to feed all 430 children at St. Joseph Primary School in Malawi. Having worked diligently all year to "Sponsor a School", Mme. Louisa has now happily reached her  goal of raising $6,880.00 - that's $16 to feed each child a daily nutritious meal in a place of education. Now students at St. Joseph Primary School will be enjoying their own "porridge smiles" every day as they enjoy the meal provided by many wonderful supporters in Winnipeg. Thank you, Mme. Louisa, for all of your hard work to ensure that children at St. Joseph School can have food to eat at school, and also, an education that can be their ladder out of poverty in future - an education that we often take for granted here in Canada. 

There are many different ways you can help by donating your time, money, thoughts and prayers.