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There are many great reasons for a company to support a charitable organization like Mary’s Meals.

There are many great reasons for a company or a foundation to support a charitable organization like Mary’s Meals.

In addition to the incredible impact a company or foundation can have in helping feed hungry children, incorporating a donation opportunity increases retention of your employees and engagement with your customers. Your business can organically share the message of Mary’s Meals; allow us to provide dynamic content and impactful stories appropriate for your social media channels and internal communications.

We ask that you consider the positive ethical and societal impacts of partnering with a charity like Mary’s Meals. Explore how a variety of companies and foundations have partnered with us to build their brands that are recognized for their corporate social responsibility, and as a foundation steward their generous contributions with integrity and maximum impact unto creating global change.


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"As we reviewed the application from Mary’s Meals Canada, we noted the organization’s innovative and sustainable approach to providing one nutritious meal per school day to children in their place of learning in the developing world. We were also impressed with the commitment to community involvement in the countries where Mary’s Meals operates by having local volunteers cook and serve the food that’s prepared for the students. This approach helps keep overhead low and ensures more money flows directly into the feeding programs while giving community members a voice in how their children are being fed."

Keith Z. Brewster, Stober Family Foundation

"We chose Mary’s Meals Canada because we liked the simple promise: that every child receives one nutritious daily meal in their place of learning. Nutritious meals served with love are a brand promise that helped us go from one family-owned location in 2001 to 115+ locations across Canada."

Ben Osmow, CEO, Osmow's