More than a million children in Zimbabwe are missing out on an education. Poverty and hunger cause many others to skip classes or stop coming to school altogether.    

Once referred to as the ‘breadbasket of Africa’, years of violent upheaval, forced land distribution and drought have had a devastating impact on Zimbabwean agriculture, leading to widespread hunger in parts of the country.     

Our work

With the help of volunteers from the local community, we provide nutritious daily school meals for children in the rural Tsholotsho District, where many families live in poverty and hunger. 

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More than 73,000 children receive Mary's Meals

Childcare Ministries

Did you know?

Zimbabwe has 16 official languages! Most people in the Tsholotsho District speak Ndebele.

Meal provided:

  • Vitamin-enriched porridge made from a blend of corn and soya