As we celebrate the Class of 2022, we also have much to celebrate at Mary's Meals! We hope you enjoy these stories of children who have been part of our Mary's Meals family and are now doing great things with their lives.

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These inspiring young women from South Sudan, who started off as classmates, overcame the odds with a little help from Mary’s Meals. Now they’re building brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

Mary’s story

When we started primary school, we had no clothes, no shoes, nothing. We had lessons under the trees. Pupils were often absent because of hunger. School feeding changed our lives. After Mary’s Meals came, the number of pupils increased. We didn’t continually think of hunger. Without food we could not have continued, we would have given up. After completing school, I was accepted for basic nursing training at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Mapuordit. Now that I’ve graduated, I look after sick people and comfort the dying. We’re [me and Angelina] proud of ourselves and our achievements. We can be role models for other children. My message to children receiving Mary’s Meals today is eat the food and concentrate on your studies and your lives may change, like ours have.

Angelina’s story

Most of us come from very poor families. Before Mary’s Meals, students suffered a lot, especially those who walked long distances. We were always tired and hungry. We’d feel dizzy and it was hard for us to concentrate. School meals helped us a lot. Most of us passed our exams and continued with our studies. I started training as a nurse and graduated in July. It was a wonderful graduation! Now I’m an auxiliary nurse caring for patients at a hospital and I hope to go for further training to become a general nurse. Our hope is that Mary’s Meals will continue to support children in school so they can continue with their studies and communities throughout the country can change.

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We're excited to share the great news of these three amazing young women who are now building their own bright futures and helping their communities.

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Congratulations to all who are graduating this year on your incredible success!