We’re proud to have the chance to invite you on this heartwarming adventure, to find out what happened when Gerard swapped the bright lights of Hollywood for classrooms in Haiti and Liberia. Through our film, you can travel with him as he meets some of the real-life heroes at the very heart of Mary's Meals.

We hope you enjoy Love Reaches Everywhere as much as we do!

Please note this film was created before the Covid-19 pandemic – read below to find out how we are continuing to feed children during this crisis.

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Love Reaches Everywhere - Film Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide intended for thought provoking group discussion upon post viewing of the film.



Our response to Covid-19 in Haiti and Liberia

As Covid-19 causes fear and uncertainty around the world, our work in countries like Liberia and Haiti is more important than ever.

While schools are closed, we’re working with local communities to ensure families can continue to feed their children at home.

In Haiti, parents in areas including Gonaïves, Port-au-Prince, Mirebalais and Hinche have been invited to collect emergency food parcels from their children’s schools, maintaining social distancing and hand washing as part of the collection process.

A carefully constructed plan to provide all children in our Liberia program with food at home is also in place. Community volunteers are organizing the distribution of food parcels to the families of children who would normally receive Mary’s Meals at school.

Your support helps us to continue our life-changing work in these unprecedented times.

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