Little Acts of Love from around Canada

Canadian supporters of Mary's Meals continue to amaze us with their continuing "Little Acts of Love", making a big difference to children in Malawi in the process.

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The youth at St. Thomas a Becket Parish in Montreal, Quebec have been busy raising funds for children living in extreme poverty in Malawi, Africa. They have been focusing on following the example of Jesus by helping those in need, and also learning about the children of Malawi. This fundraising has been done without fanfare, consistently throughout the year. Here are a few simple ways that they have already raised over $5,000 towards sponsoring Moyale Primary School in Malawi for an entire year’s worth of meals. Each youth was asked to collect at least $16 during Lent. They also have a box for donations in their classes and other meetings. They have also had a flower sale at Easter. In addition, they have been encouraging people to donate online to their fundraising page. Mary’s Meals Canada would love to thank them for their efforts. Truly, they exemplify how “lots of little acts of love” make a big difference to many children.

11-year old Andre from St. Adolphe, Manitoba, has been raising funds for Mary’s Meals for over a year now. He started with an iced tea stand, and then moved on to collecting cans from his neighbors, raising over $460 in the process! Andre was able to present the founder of Mary’s Meals, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow from Scotland, with a cheque at the Marian Conference in Winnipeg in August. Andre also read a letter to Magnus about how his grandfather donated to Mary’s Meals, and was the inspiration for Andre’s efforts. Way to go, Andre! Thank you for your hard work and for helping so many children in Malawi to be able to enjoy something that many of us take for granted – a daily nutritious meal and an education!

There are many different ways you can help by donating your time, money, thoughts and prayers.