We feed 2,429,182 children every school day.

A Nutritious
Daily Meal

The cost to provide a hungry child with Mary’s Meals for a school year is
just $31.70.

Increased School Enrolment

The prospect of a daily meal encourages school enrolment and improves attendance.

Escape Route From Poverty

Children living in poverty have the opportunity to learn and look towards a better future.

Help To Feed The Next Hungry Child

Mary’s Meals relies on people who offer their money, goods, skills, time, or prayer to help grow the movement and reach more children with much-needed meals while they learn. We rely on people of hope; people like you.


Passionate, Motivated, Local Volunteers Help Keep Costs Low

Local communities own and run Mary’s Meals in the countries where the program operates. Wherever possible, our meals are made with locally sourced food, thereby supporting the local economy. Learn more about Mary’s Meals in your country, today.