March 20, 2020

Dear friend, 

I wanted to write to you in the midst of this disturbing situation, which is impacting us in all sorts of ways. In our communities, people are experiencing uncertainty and maybe even fear. I imagine that many of you are having to deal with new and difficult situations – even in your own families and communities.

During this uncertainty, I believe we are also being presented with some important opportunities. The spread of the virus reminds us just how interconnected we all are. When I hear news of our co-workers and supporters from all over the world and read so many positive messages, I am reminded of people’s goodness and I am thankful for the gift of belonging to the Mary’s Meals family.  

Each of us has chosen to join this family because we are people of hope. So, in these difficult days, we also have a particular responsibility and another opportunity to be people who speak and act with hope and joy. For many years now, we have been working together in places of uncertainty and fear to serve our meals to the children, and this way we allow hope to enter in. We also know how to persevere even when things look difficult, and we know how to adapt when obstacles appear in our path. 

In the coming weeks, we will all be experiencing a new way of life – perhaps a little less rushed, perhaps with more silence and time to think about what is important. We may have a chance to welcome new people to our family as they think, not only about the new challenges they are facing, but also about the poorest in the world who faced such challenges long before the coronavirus appeared.  If we are having an unprecedented experience of not being able to buy what we want in our supermarket or are unable to send our children to school, then maybe we also have a new opportunity to experience solidarity with families who face much greater struggles each day in trying to feed and educate their children. 

The coming weeks will hold new challenges for Mary’s Meals and for all of us. Let’s embrace them with confidence in each other and in the innate goodness of people. And for those of us who pray, let us pray anew for all those who are afraid or suffering in any way – and let us ask that God might be give us new strength, new joy, new hope. 

As we continue to work out the best way to navigate our way through, let’s keep sharing – to encourage each other and to give comfort and hope about what tomorrow might bring.   

Thank you and God bless,