We have all seen the shocking reports of mass cremations in India, painting a stark picture of the devastation and suffering that communities are experiencing amid Covid-19.

With a population of 1.36 billion, India recently reached an overall total of 29.2 million cases and tallied 356,000+ deaths.

Yet the extent of the crisis is believed to be much greater – and the scale of the suffering much larger – considering the number of infections and deaths that have gone unreported.

The situation is dire in every way.

The Heart of India

Over the coming weeks, we want to share with you the voices and faces of some of the children who receive Mary’s Meals in India and encourage you to open your heart to the next child waiting.

Since schools closed last year, we’ve been working closely with our trusted local partner to deliver home rations to those children and families in the greatest need. With your support and prayers, our work can continue.

As we share stories of hope, resilience, and joy – even during great struggle and crisis – beauty amidst brokenness will be revealed.

"If you can't feed a hundred people then just feed one."

Mother Teresa

Compelled to Act,

With their faces imprinted in our hearts,

We say... You are not alone.

Your cry is ours   |   You are loved   |   There is hope

May new life emerge from the ashes of this crisis.

The Heart of India

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