Unlocking a better future for girls in India

Thank you for feeding Khushboo’s hopes for the future

Back to all stories | Posted on 26 July 21

In India, we work in both formal and non-formal education centres – such as railway platforms – providing a daily meal to children who are disadvantaged by caste, disability, gender, or HIV status.

We offer these children, who may never otherwise see the inside of a classroom, the chance to learn in a safe and welcoming environment.

For girls like Khushbhoo from India, education is the key to unlocking life’s opportunities. It also gives her a chance to meet other children and make friends.

Khushbhoo told us:

“School is important because it’s a place where children can gather to learn and play together.”

Khushbhoo often comes to school hungry, so the meal she receives at lunchtime makes a big difference!

“After reading and writing and playing I feel tired and hungry. Mary’s Meals gives me strength and extra energy to study. The food provided all through the week is delicious!”

Thank you for feeding Khushboo’s hopes for the future!

“My role model is my class teacher, Miss Jyoti. I want to acquire more knowledge and would like to become a teacher.”