The power of pre-school porridge

These little ones from Malawi are still at nursery, but that doesn’t stop them dreaming big – find out how Mary’s Meals is feeding their hopes for the future. 

These children, who enjoy Mary’s Meals at Ndalama Nursery School in Malawi can’t wait to take the next step on their path towards education.

I’m looking forward to going to school, so I can learn.

Linda, 5    

I’ll go to school because I want to be a boss.

David, 5

I am going to school because I want to be a teacher.

Shakira, 5 

I like to eat the phala [Mary’s Meals porridge] because it tastes good.

Bessie, 5 

I want to go to school to learn, so I can be a teacher.

Miracle, 5 

In Malawi, Mary’s Meals porridge is served to 11,669 pre-school children at 139 nurseries known as Early Childhood Development centres every school day, giving them plenty of energy to learn and play. 

Run by local communities and staffed by volunteer caregivers, these centres use song, dance and creative play to teach little ones the basic skills they’ll need when they start school.