Popcorn, Garage Sales and Easter Baskets

Alberta students step up for children who don't have enough to eat, or the opportunity to get an education

Back to all stories | Posted on 25 June 19

Three schools in Alberta recently stepped up in a big way for children around the world in some of the world's poorest communities. 

Grade 3 students at St. Patrick's School in Medicine Hat learned about becoming Global Citizens this year. All three Grade 3 classes worked together on a collaborative project - a Grade Three Garage Sale. Each Grade 3 student was asked to select gently used toys or books to bring for the sale. Being still motivated to help further, the students also did some home baking and held a Bake Sale. With the two events, these ambitious and caring students raised an amazing $1,014.15 to help provide a daily meal at school to children who don't have enough to eat. Thank you to Ms. Block, other Grade 3 teachers and all of the wonderful Grade 3 students who took part in this wonderful fundraiser for Mary's Meals!

"Monsignor Neville Anderson is a small school in NW Calgary with lots of heart. Being a Catholic school, it is very important to us and our faith to do Jesus’ work. Through selling popcorn to our school community and collecting donations from our larger community, our grade 3 classes hope to raise $500 for Mary’s Meals." This was the goal set by students at Monsignor Neville Anderson School. Fast forward a few weeks and their goal was far surpassed with students raising $733.38 for Mary's Meals! Thank you to Ms. Briltz, Miss Bainbridge, Mr. Binotto and their amazing Grade 3 students for their hard work on this project!

One other Alberta school - St. Michael's School in Medicine Hat - held a fundraiser for Mary's Meals over the Lenten period. "This year during Lent, our school once again raised money for Mary’s Meals by holding our Easter Basket raffle.  Staff donated baskets and prizes and gift cards and students/ parents and staff purchased tickets with a chance to win one of our 15 baskets." $716.00 was raised by this endeavor. Our sincerest thanks goes out to the staff for donating the baskets, the students and parents for their support, and Mr. Blackmer for continually inspiring support for the work of Mary's Meals, both within the school and the wider community.

These three schools combined to raise enough funds to provide a much-needed daily meal at school for one year for 112 students - students like 11-year old Wissam from Syria. who dreams of being a doctor one day. The creativity and hard work of staff, students and families continue to inspire and amaze us! Thank you!

There are many different ways you can help by donating your time, money, thoughts and prayers.