Ontario church makes a huge difference

Our Lady of Mercy Church in Port Hope, Ontario regularly supports the work of Mary's Meals through their children's collection, adding up to thousands of life-changing meals for children in Malawi, Africa.

Back to all stories | Posted on 26 June 18

For about the last year, the children of Our Lady of Mercy Church have been busy collecting donations for Mary's Meals on a regular basis. They have created an information board at their church, where they share information with parishioners about Mary's Meals, as well as keep a tally of total amount raised over the months. These caring and industrious children are leading the way in showing love and compassion for other children, just like them, but without enough to eat, or access to education due to chronic hunger. In the past 11 months, they have raised enough to feed 328 children over 65,000 meals!), every day at school, for one year. These meals will help those children in Malawi to fill their hungry stomachs, and to be able to attend school instead of working or begging for food, and to have enough energy to concentrate on their studies (and play, too).

We'd like to send a huge thank you, on behalf of 328 happy children in Malawi, to Father Gerry and the amazing children at Our Lady of Mercy Church. Thank you for making the world a mich brighter place for so many!