Niserine and the meals that make a difference

Niserine helps children to learn, play and pave the way towards a happier future.

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In Lebanon, one in four people are refugees from Syria. Many families struggle to make ends meet. Niserine prepares sandwiches for Syrian refugee children and their Lebanese classmates at an education centre in the city of Aley.

The grandmother of four is one of many volunteers helping children in her community to find hope in the classroom. Here, in her own words, Niserine explains why she makes Mary’s Meals:

“I like children and I like to take care of them. We serve them good food when they are hungry, giving them energy so they can be active.

“What motivates me is that the children can come to the centre to learn, play and study. I have two grandsons and two granddaughters. This meal makes a big difference.

“The children are happy when they get their meals. If there was no meal at school, they would feel very hungry. They would have a headache because something essential was being missed.

“It is very important for the children to receive an education. They make new friends, they learn, they study and they don’t feel bored. Without education they can do nothing.

“In the future, I hope these children will be living in peace and happiness. I hope they achieve their dreams and make a better future.”

In Lebanon, volunteers like Niserine prepare meals for 1,755 hungry children every school day.

The piece of fresh fruit and nutritious wrap – made using local ingredients – help keep students full of energy for the day ahead.