In September, Mary's Meals Canada's Community Ambassador, Michelle Restivo, set off to walk 83.4 km in less than 24 hours to raise funds for Mary's Meals.

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Michelle was 1 of 1,000 people who was selected to participate in the Matagalls to Montserrat Camino. She began in the afternoon of Saturday, September 18th on a mountain called Matagalls and walked all night toward the peak of Montserrat, a famous Monastery located in Barcelona.

Fundraising in both Canada and Spain, Michelle's efforts resulted in feeding 175 children during the academic year, raising $3611.44 CAD and
€684.28 EUR for Mary’s Meals.

In Michelle's words:

"To all those who read my story, who donated and who sent their prayers - thank you, gracias, grazie and merci. There’s just no better word to express my gratitude for your attention, generosity and spirit. *I curtsy graciously to you.*

"This camino taught me the importance of mental preparation and believing in yourself. You can do anything you tell yourself you can do (even something that bears the weight of physical challenge). It also taught me that the belief you have in yourself is possible when you have a community of people silently cheering you on. In a practical way, this camino taught me that your body needs proper nutrition to perform. I imagine these three key ingredients - belief in oneself, a community of supporters and basic nutrition - to be just as important to the children we’re feeding this year."

We couldn't agree more! Michelle, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your support the impact you and your supporters will have on the lives of 175 children!