Mother's Day is almost here - please join us as we recognize the amazing women who make our work possible. 

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Mother’s Day is almost here and many of us will be preparing for another year without being able to see our moms or the special women in our lives in person.

Of course, no distance or barrier can diminish the love we have for these wonderful women. Whoever it is you’re celebrating and sharing your love with on Mother’s Day, please join us as we recognize the amazing women who make our work possible – both the fundraisers and volunteers here in Canada and the mothers, grandmothers and aunts who step up to cook and serve meals to hungry children every school day.

Eight-year-old Melvin started her education later than she should have, but her parents enrolled her in classes as soon as Mary’s Meals began feeding at her local preschool.

Melvin lives at home with her mum and dad and five siblings. The entire family depends on the sale of charcoal and brooms to survive, but business is slowing because of the effects of Covid-19 on the local economy.

Her mother, Esther, first heard about Mary’s Meals from the teachers at the early childhood development centre Melvin now attends. They reached out to the community to ask for support with the school feeding program. Esther is clear that the daily servings of Mary’s Meals the children receive – alongside their first experience of education – is a lifeline in a region that throws up many challenges for the children who grow up here.

Open quote mark Mary’s Meals helps the community by reducing the costs that parents have in preparing food for their children. We are convinced and committed to taking our children to school because education is the only way our family will thrive [and] improve our economic status. Close quote mark
Melvin's mother, Esther

You can stand in solidarity with women around the world, bringing hope to hungry children and whole communities by supporting our mission to provide life-changing daily meals in a place of education.

Join us celebrating the incredible role women play in the work of Mary’s Meals while honouring your loved ones. Visit our Mother's Day page to order a gift card or call us at 1-855-702-0330.

Thank you for being part of our global family!