Connecting with “Mompreneur” Monica Mungria Samperio of Pingo Apparel


Monica Mungria Samperio, Mompreneur Focused on Quality, Style & Impact

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Mary's Meals recently had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Monica Munguia Samperio, CEO of Q Pingo Apparel, Mom of 2 and passionate about supporting brands that are mom-owned and that follow fair business practices. She shares about her journey to partnering with Mary’s Meals along with some words of inspiration. To hear more about Pingo Apparel or to order some amazing products, check them out at or on Instagram.

MARY’S MEALS: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

MONICA: My name is Monica, and I am originally from Mexico City, but currently live in Toronto, Canada. I love to travel, dance and love everything related to fashion. I'm a full-time mom of two, and a part-time entrepreneur. I launched Pingo Apparel 4 years ago, and I'm really proud to say that everything in my shop has been carefully curated from small brands around the world. I specially support brands that are mom-owned and that follow fair business practices. I mainly focus on selecting styles that are high quality, made with organic fabrics, gender neutral and fun to wear. This without compromising style!

MARY’S MEALS: What inspired you to start your business?

MONICA: Two things inspired me to start my own business. One, my first-born son. When he was born there were mainly small shops that carried monochrome kids clothing. Although I liked their style, I found the colors boring, especially for a kid. There were also the regular brands that we all know, like Zara and H&M but I wanted to stay away from fast-fashion brands as much as I could (for their manufacturing processes to create clothes were not aligned with my values). So I did my research, and there were not many stores in Canada carrying the kids brands I liked for my son. So there, I decided to launch my own shop with brands I loved. Having my own business would also allow me to have a flexible-work schedule and focus on my son and daughter, while keeping myself intellectually challenged. 

MARY’S MEALS: As an entrepreneur and Mom, what are some words of inspiration for fellow Mompreneurs?

MONICA: The entrepreneurial journey is rough. You will encounter many ups and downs. Sometimes you want to give up, but then something good happens and that's enough to keep going. There is no secret recipe to success. What worked for your business one day, might not work the next day. You need to be creative. But no hardships will really matter as long as you LOVE what you are doing. If you feel it in your core. If it fulfills you and makes you happy ... keep going! But if it does the opposite, maybe it's time to stop and refocus on something else. And don't call this a failure. It's still a success for the journey you walked to get where you are right now was filled with learning experiences that nourished you professionally and personally. You will carry this knowledge with you wherever you go. And remember, no corporate job would have given you the experience of what it means to run a business.

MARY’S MEALS: How did you come to know about Mary’s Meals?

MONICA: I learned about Mary's Meals through another mom entrepreneur. Melita from Q for Quinn.

MARY’S MEALS: Why did you choose to partner with Mary’s Meals?

MONICA: I wanted to support an organization that helped kids in need from different parts of the world. And Mary's Meals specially spoke to me, because of the idea of feeding kids during school time. I see the school meals as a motivation for kids to continue their education.

MARY’S MEALS: As a Mary’s Meals Partner, what are some words of encouragement that you could share with other entrepreneurs who may be interested in becoming a Mary’s Meals Partner?

MONICA: I think it is our duty as human beings, to help each other, regardless of race, religion, or geographical location. As a business even more so, we have the obligation to share part of our profits with the less fortunate, and to help organizations (Mary's Meals) raise awareness by educating our customers about what they do, and how they can also help! 

MARY’S MEALS: If you had to cook a meal for one of the children who receive Mary’s Meals what would you cook for them?

MONICA: Minestrone soup