Our amazing volunteers are always thinking of ways to help feed more children. Darian's social media fundraiser has made a life-changing difference to children in need.

A couple of years back, Montreal Team Leader, Darian McCabe committed to helping feed children in some of the world's poorest communities. Since that time, Darian and her team have been coming up with innovative ways to raise funds. Her latest venture involved putting some of her clothing that she no longer needed to good use and creating an online fundraiser on Facebook. Says Darian:

"While doing some quarantine cleaning I came upon some clothes I no longer had a use for and had the idea to sell them as a fundraiser for Mary's Meals. I was able to raise $74 through selling the items and also including a Facebook fundraising link on my posts of the items for anyone interested in donating but not buying. With each item sold, I included Mary's Meals brochures and a thank you card for those who purchased. I had lots of interest in the items and listed each item or pairs of smaller items for the price of $26.40. A single pair of pants which was had been forgotten in my closet was able to feed one child for an entire year. I was happy to be able to rehome the items which is beneficial for the environment as clothing is a large contributor to pollution and waste while also being able to give back to Mary's Meals."

Thank you, Darian! Your thoughtfulness while doing your quarantine cleaning has led to a daily meal being provided to 2+ children for an entire year. Mary's Meals is often referred to as a "series of lots of little acts of love", and truly your little acts of love are contributing to the realization of our vision, while changing children's lives!

If you would like to contribute your "little acts of love" to help feed and educate children who are chronically hungry and likely to miss out on gaining an education, please get in touch

There are many different ways you can help by donating your time, money, thoughts and prayers.