Celebrate Thanksgiving with us and change lives

As Canada celebrates Thanksgiving, bringing family and friends around the table, we reflect on what is important to us.

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What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? At Mary's Meals, it’s YOU, our wonderful supporters who make our work possible.

At Mary's Meals Canada, we have also been reflecting on what is important to us.

We also think about the power of food, as we join with family and friends around the dinner table, and the lives that can be changed by a nutritious meal each school day.

For less than the average cost of a Thanksgiving plate, you could provide a hungry child with Mary’s Meals for an entire school year.

For children like Patricia, from Malawi, the promise of a nutritious daily school meal helps her thrive in the classroom.

She said: “I love phala (porridge) because it strengthens my body and gives me nutrients.

“Before the program was introduced to the school, it was difficult for me to be in school as I would get hungry. Now I stay in school for long hours without feeling hungry or weak.”

Give your annual Thanksgiving meal a new meaning – consider donating the cost of your turkey and/or all the trimmings and change a child's life.