Canadians Creatively Support the Work of Mary’s Meals

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our Canadian supporters continue to remember the children who depend on Mary's Meals.

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Wendy from Barrie, Ontario has been busy creating her own initiative that is helping her local community while also supporting school feeding of children in need through Mary's Meals. She helps her community by organizing a regular collection of unwanted clothing or other textiles. She created a flyer to advertise this service to her neighbors and friends.

On collection day, the clothing items are picked up by a local company who can put them to good use. The company pays Wendy for the clothing, and those funds are donated to Mary's Meals. It is a win-win situation: friends and neighbors have an environmentally-friendly way to pass on unwanted clothing and hungry children are fed meals in their place of education. Thank you, Wendy, for your great work on behalf of Mary's Meals Canada and the children that we serve.

Meanwhile in Stony Plain, Alberta, Jennifer creates pottery and has decided to use her talents and hard work to raise funds for Mary's Meals. She creates beautiful pinch pots (or sometimes referred to as rosary/pray bowls). They can be used to hold rosaries, or small items like jewellery, etc. She charges $4-8 each, depending on the size and amount of detail. Jennifer says she is happy to make these in support of Mary’s Meals, and in memory of Deacon Hyland Fraser, who was a Mary's Meals Canada board member and an incredible advocate of Mary's Meals in the community. 

If you would like to to support either of these initiatives or create your own, please get in touch with us

"Mary's Meals is a series of lots of little acts of love. If you put all those acts of sacrifice together, it creates a beautiful thing." -Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder of Mary's Meals

There are many different ways you can help by donating your time, money, thoughts and prayers.