Canadian Kids Show they Care

Canadian children are leading the way, showing they care for other children across the world in Malawi.

Back to all stories | Posted on 21 Nov 2017

We recently heard the stories of some Canadian kids who have heard about children like them, in Malawi, who don't have the same opportunities they do. These kids decided to take action, and the results are truly inspiring!

Grade 4 students of Our Lady Of Perpetual Help School in Toronto heard about children in need in Malawi through their families who had attended our Toronto event with Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, the Scottish founder of Mary's Meals. One girl, when she learned that she could help another child have the opportunity to eat a daily meal and go to school, remarked to her mother, "Even if I raise $16, ONE girl or a boy will go to school" and so she asked her mother for help, got her friends together and they organized a bake sale in Rosedale in October. This bake sale would have been considered a huge success if they had raised $16 and been able to help provide another child in Malawi with a daily meal and access to an education, which can be his/her ladder out of poverty. But these girls actually raised $600 at their bake sale, enough to provide a daily meal for 37 children in Malawi, for one year! Mary's Meals Canada would like to thank Sol, Delfina, Isabella and Isabella and their friends for showing us how Canadian kids can make a big difference to many children, and for caring about children, a world away, who are much less-fortunate than they are.

Students at Clear Water Academy in Calgary are often amazing us with their efforts to help raise funds for other children in Malawi. Recently, the entire school participated in our annual World Porridge Day event, and raised over $2,750 at that event alone! Their kindness and continuing dedication to helping as many children as they can is something for which we are ever grateful at Mary's Meals Canada. One note that we received from Emilia in Grade 4, however, has really touched us and we wanted to share it with other Canadians. It reads, "Dear Mary's Meals, I hope that your business is going well and that your feeding many children. I love donating to you because it makes me feel good. When I start thinking about giving up, this is what I say to myself...I want to change the world. I want there to be no hunger but I can't if I don't do something. I must go on. Love Emilia"

Thank you, Emilia, for your beautiful note, and for reminding all of us that we must do something if we want there to be no hunger in the world. We, at Mary's Meals, truly believe in this vision, that it's possible for every child to receive at least one meal every day in a place of education in this world of plenty. Our vision is also that those who have more than they need share with those who lack even the most basic things, and so thank you, to children across Canada who are leading by example and helping us to begin to realize this vision.

You Canadian kids are amazing!