Big Love from a Small Town

A Mary's Meals Canada volunteer spent hours baking and creating, turning lots of little acts of love into many meals served to children in need.

Back to all stories | Posted on 23 October 19 in Blog

The hamlet of Derwent, Alberta held their 23rd Annual Craft and Tradeshow on Saturday October 19. Volunteer from Myrnam, Roxanne Pottle, set up a beautiful table of baked goods in order to raise funds for Mary's Meals. The baking must have been excellent, as she sold out in less than 2 hours, raising enough money to feed over 15 children for one year! 

Emphasizing Mary's Meals' low-cost approach and Simple Solution to World Hunger, Roxanne pointed out to attendees that every $12 spent would provide 100 meals, and that the cost of one meal is just 11 cents. Now, thanks to Roxanne, 15 children will be enjoying a daily meal at school for one whole year - enabling them to gain an education which can set them free from poverty in future. As well, many more people are now aware of the work of Mary's Meals and the opportunity to join our global family. As a global movement, our vision is that every child receives at least one good meal every day in a place of education and that all those who have more than they need share with those who lack even the most basic things.

Thank you, Roxanne! Your kindness and generosity is truly appreciated!