An Appeal from Magnus, Our Founder

"So, I'd like to ask you something..."


Back to all stories | Posted on 8 May 23

Dear friend,

You may have heard me say that I never set out to start a charity. And, in fact, I didn’t. You did!

During our first small appeal more than 20 years ago, it was the overwhelming response – the actions of those who offered help in vast numbers – that began this movement we call Mary’s Meals.

It’s amazing what happens when lots of people do seemingly small things with love. Our movement continues to grow because of the innate goodness of people. Those who share our stories and the ones who listen and act; those who stand with buckets collecting donations and each person who drops in a coin or asks to hear more; anyone who gives what they can – time, skills, money, or heartfelt prayers – to ensure that vulnerable children can rely on a daily meal in a place of education every school day.

It's incredible that we’re keeping our promise of a daily meal to more than 2.4 million children already. But with so many more children waiting, there’s much work still to do – and we need many more people to join us.

So, I’d like to ask you something – who do you know that doesn’t yet know about the work we do? Who could you speak to about Mary’s Meals?

Who might enjoy one of our films? Perhaps you’ve read The Shed That Fed 2 Million Children and know someone you could pass your copy onto. Or maybe you’re part of a book group and it’s your turn to pick the next book…

Can I encourage you to see these opportunities as gifts? These are actions you can take to help bring a meaningful gift to a precious child. Everyone who has contributed to this work so far heard about it somehow and you have the power to inspire others to play their part in the fight against child hunger.

If you like talking, please talk about our work! Tell a few people about how it’s possible to bring much-needed meals to hungry children – and at the same time encourage them into education – for just $31.70 for an entire school year. Or if you’d rather plan an event or take on a fundraising challenge, please consider doing that on our behalf and rest assured that your kindness will inspire many others along the way.

Ensuring that every child receives a daily meal in their place of education is not an impossible task – we simply need to give more people the opportunity to join our movement and support this vital work. Thank you for all that you do.

God bless.



Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

Founder of Mary’s Meals