A Month of Meaningful Meals

In celebration of the power of food, we invite you to join with us for a month of Meaningful Meals

The month of October brings a time of harvest and thanksgiving. It is with gratitude and celebration that we kick off a month of Meaningful Meals. 

As we gather around the table this month to break bread and feast together, whether at home, a dinner party, or a restaurant, may we reflect on the power of food and the lives that can be changed by one nutritious meal each school day.

For less than the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner, you could provide a hungry child with Mary’s Meals for an entire school year.

Make your shared meal more meaningful by donating the cost, or part of the cost, of the meal to Mary’s Meals, which will in turn create a meaningful meal for a child in the developing world. At Mary’s Meals our work is only possible because of the generosity of our amazing supporters – people like you.

All images copyright Rebecca Schroeder 2020 @redphotocoHere are a few ideas to help get you going, as you consider how you might like to participate in a month of Meaningful Meals:

  • Give your annual Thanksgiving meal a new meaning – consider donating the cost of your turkey and/or all the trimmings
  • Host a Meaningful Meal on World Food Day (October 16) and use your grocery or restaurant bill as a guide of how much you could donate to Mary’s Meals to change children’s lives by providing children with meaningful meals
  • Devote snack time at your children’s school to celebrating food and teach that sharing is fun
  • Love to cook?  Post your favorite recipe on your blog or social media channels and be sure to tag us
  • Have a birthday in October?  Turn your birthday cake celebration into a meaningful meal with friends

Will you Join us this October for a month of Meaningful Meals?

We thank you for your kindness, in enabling us to reach more children in need of Mary's Meals!