Gerard Butler and Child 31

Hollywood actor Gerard Butler is among a host of celebrities and well-known personalities who’ve endorsed our work and the film Child 31.

Gerard Butler in Liberia

Movie star Gerard Butler put Hollywood on hold to visit Liberia and see Mary’s Meals in action for the first time.

Gerard visited several schools where we are already established and witnessed the difference a daily meal can make to the health and energy levels of children and its impact on their ability to learn.

Among the highlights of the visit, the actor pitched in to help volunteer cooks prepare and serve meals, taught a class of orphans, played soccer with kids, loaded a truck with sacks of rice, planted pepper seeds and pineapples at a school garden, and danced with villagers.

“Since 2010, I’ve come to know Mary’s Meals but I had no idea of what that really meant,” says Gerard, “until I saw what’s possible with this organization and the effect it can have on the lives of so many children."

“One of the things I’ve been struck by during this visit is the strength of people’s dignity and what I love about Mary’s Meals is that it is all about retaining this."

Open quote mark I’ve seen a lot of these communities become more energized and alive, and what Mary’s Meals does is help create a sense of community that goes way beyond the feeding program itself. Close quote mark
Gerard Butler, Actor

Gerard described every meal as a ‘piece of charity and a little piece of love’ that goes into the hearts of the children.

“I see communities full of resilience, integrity, warmth, love, and hope. All of that is already here but Mary’s Meals is like a little switch that helps flick it on."

“There is such a direct link between a donation and nutritious meal for a kid and so much more than that. Donors can have a great deal of comfort knowing their money is going straight towards helping the children.”

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