I think those of us in more privileged places in the world underestimate the impact, even lately, of what is going on with COVID-19, the shutdowns, disruptions to supply chains, and the increase in prices.

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Even now, as opposed to ten years ago (and the need was great ten years ago), costs have just increased. There is a crisis occurring.

… All the costs have increased for charities across the board. It is becoming more difficult to respond in the ways they did before, and the magnitude of need out there is tremendous.

I know just how we are wired: when we hear of something so difficult like that, we want to shut down in some ways. Some of us want to jump right in … but some of us think “well, that just sounds impossible.” But it is not.

This is how the world has always worked: when people, just little people, are willing to respond and give a “yes,” and pour in - that changes things. Those are the world-changers. If you look at someone like Mother Teresa, she was just a little tiny woman - even physically, she was just a tiny woman - and she changed the world for a lot of people.

I think that more than ever, we need to be attentive to how we can help, and how we can pour in, and what we can sacrifice in our own lives in order to make more space. I might look at my own life and say “well, I am supporting other charities, and giving to the church, and I am doing all of this,” but the reality is: I can do more! Because I still enjoy a lot of comforts in my life. My Starbucks, and whatever else it might be. Not to say those things are bad and we shouldn’t enjoy our life, but there is always more that we could squeeze out of our pockets to give to another.

A lot of times it’s not just giving to another for some small thing: this is a matter of life and death for them. And that is easy for us to forget, because we don’t know what it is like, to live like that.

-Heather Khym