Church and prayer support

There are many ways your church can support Mary’s Meals. Many of our supporters choose to pray for our work and the communities we serve.

Pray for our work

One way you can support our work is by praying for the work of Mary’s Meals. You can also say the following Mary’s Meals prayer:

Our Father give us this day our daily bread and forgive us for the times when we take more than our share of the bread that belongs to all. Let us help You fill the starving with good things not with scraps from our table. Teach us how to share what is not ours to keep. Clothe us with Your love that we may complete each good work You created us to do. Place in our hearts Your compassion for each starving child and use our little acts of love so that they starve no more. Amen.

Please feel free to download our prayer card.

The origins of our name

Mary’s Meals is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought up her own child in poverty.

Mary’s Meals grew out of the Christian Catholic faith of our founders and the values and ethos we hold reflect this.

We consist of, respect, and reach out to people of all faiths and none.

The roots of Scottish International Relief, which later became known as Mary’s Meals, are to be found in Medjugorje, a small village in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where it is claimed the Virgin Mary has been appearing since 1981.

Those responsible for the founding of our work became involved as a result of their experiences at Medjugorje.

The name itself, ‘Mary’s Meals’ was inspired by a desire to dedicate this work to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Church resources

There are many ways your church can support Mary’s Meals, from organizing fundraising events and activities (big or small) to taking on the challenge of sponsoring a school or simply spreading the word about our work.

You will find lots of ideas, suggestions, and useful downloads in our fundraising section.

Open quote mark We recognize the willingness of people to pray and fast for our work and invite those who share this belief to play their part in our mission in this manner. Close quote mark
Extract – Mary’s Meals Statement of Values